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An elite, age defying natural line of products centered on thermal spring water and its beautifying interaction with natural botanical ingredients for those whom only the best is good enough. This multi-functional skin care range uniquely combines the benefits of the “Three Graces” mineral rich hot springs with natural next generation cellular organic power plants and organic oils to deliver products of unparalleled luxury. The “Three Graces” mineral hot springs, symbolizing grace, youth and beauty. Located by the Sea of Galilee in a secluded mountain nature reserve, discovered in the 2nd century by the Roman Empire, these unique hot mineral springs soon became known internationally as one of the largest natural spas in the Roman Empire and were believed to preserve youth and vitality. These hot mineral rich springs, have been a spa and entertainment center for over 2,000 years, and their mineral-rich waters reaching up to 52? C have been known for their therapeutic powers for as long. Bursting through cracks formed in the Syrian-African Rift, these hot springs are formed by boiling water from inside the earth which have absorbed minerals along the way to the surface.


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